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Foto: Anne-Sylvie Bonnet

I work with performing artists wishing to invest personally in the connection between body, movement and artistic expression. The body is at the crossroads of our inner and outer world. It serves both as a way in to our deeper layers of consciousness and as an output to the audience. With the body as a field of exploration, you can thus expand in either direction and reach out to qualities that you can’t touch with the mind.


When any physical consciousness correlates to your inner intentions, you will be able to increase awareness on stage and reach out to your audience more succinctly.






I provide individual sessions for performing artists. You can benefit from these should you


  • want/are about to take on a role 

  • use material from a physical starting point

  • want to develop a stronger physical foundation as a performing artist

  • need to understand more of the connection between creativity and body; mind, emotion and spirit

  • expand your movement vocabulary

  • want to master stage fright (stress and nervousness)

  • looking for new methods on how to approach your personal expression

  • wish to gain more self insight in artistic and personal life

LIK OG DEL Beveglsesinstruksjon Kari Anne Bjerkestrand

Tomos Young, Kilden Teater vår 2019 Foto: Kilden

About me

I am a movement director, choreographer, director’s assistant and text consultant for stage productions. I facilitate a deeper physical, mental or emotional awareness for actors, dancers, conductors, singers and other artists. 

My work is based on extended concepts of movement. The methods connect to larger thematics, that is to say creativity artistry, self-insight, leadership and  communication skills. It also encourages personal and spiritual growth. 

I have been passionate about movement since childhood, started ballet at 8 years old. I received my education at the Ballet Academy in Oslo 1986-89 and School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam 1989-1991. In addition to this, I am a qualified tai chi kineo-teacher, and have been giving sessions for more than 20 years.  I was artistic leader of Open Dance Company 1998-2005 and institute leader of Norsk Tai Chi Kineo Institutt 1996-2006. In 2011, I published Bedre flyt, my book on the principles of physical and emotional flow between body and mind.

Over many years of experience in tailoring content to specific individual in both personal and professional capacities, I have included leadership development and palliative care.


I coach

Deichmansgate II.png
  • individual sessions, courses, workshops

  • choreography

  • directors assistance

  • text and script consultation 

People other than performing artists who need movement awareness or stress relief are most welcome to contact me.


Kari Anne Vadstensvik Bjerkestrand

Dancer, choreographer, movement director, author, trainer


Address: Deichmans gate 23, 0178 Oslo


Phone: +47 924 43 414


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